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Aber-Alriyadh was established as Precast Concrete factory for utility infrastructure in 2008.

Aber-Alriyadh has acquired the necessary experience, knowledge and human resources to emerge as a leader & reliable partner in the infrastructure industry.
Aber-Alriyadh is one of the leading companies in Precast Concrete Products which is well known for Telecommunication infrastructure.
Since its establishment in 2008, our company has maintained an extreme focus on providing its stakeholders with a wide range of products and services tailored to the market needs.

Aber-Alriyadh is a one-stop solution for all precast concrete related construction needs in infrastructure. We provide our customers with optimal solutions for all stages from design, to production and supplying of precast concrete structures and final hand over to clients

Our Philosophy is simple as it is guided by our core values: Integrity, Trust, Commitment and Teamwork. And our goal is to contribute to the continual development of the society while raising our Consolidated Corporate Values as a Leading Precast Concrete specialist in telecommunication infrastructure in the country.
Our success over the years is an attribute we treasure and develop, supporting the realization of all our customer’s requirements.



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