Mini Manholes

Precast concrete Communications Mini-Manholes install quickly and easily, strengthen over time, can be made watertight, and provide excellent durability during backfill and use.

Aber-Alriyadh provides a variety of sizes of Communications Mini-Manholes. Our Communications Mini-Manholes normally are provided with duct access (Holes or windows), a sump, and a cast iron frame and cover. Options for your precast concrete Communications Manhole include but are not limited to duct terminators, pull irons, cable racks, and ladders.

We will also quote and build custom engineered products that meet the engineer’s specifications or we will design and submit an alternate design for approval. We have worked with various companies thought the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and can assure that our product designs meet the various requirements and regulations. All of our suppliers must meet the same top quality standards we hold ourselves and therefore all of the materials we provide will meet or exceed the applicable specifications.