Quality Control Procedure

Quality Control Procedure

We have formed strict quality control procedures in order to assure the quality of our products. The following steps are involved in order to gain effective quality production:

1- Raw Material inspection & testing

  • Concrete Cylindrical sample are taken from concrete for checking the compressive strength regularly. Concrete temperature & slump test also made before pouring concrete. These tests are made by in plant testing and third party testing in order to assure the concrete quality.
  • For reinforcing steel and accessories, test certificate is provided from the supplier periodically.

2-Pre Pouring Inspection
When mold is ready for pouring and reinforcing steel is placed with necessary installations, QC/QA representative makes the inspection and permits to pour the concrete.

3-Post Pouring Inspection
Post pouring inspections are made by QC/QA representative after the final finishing of wet concrete for each product.

4-After Stripping Inspection
An inspection checklist is performed to provide a method of identifying and communicating the quality of our products and recognize problems as they occur. It serves as a method of gathering data or identification of any trends that may be evident. After a utility structure is stripped from the form, it is inspected for conformance with the fabrication drawings.

5-After Loading Inspection
Final inspection through the final checklist is made after the product has been loaded in order to assure that all accessories including covers have been installed as per required specification.