Aber-Alriyadh is approved supplier since its establishment for all pre-cast concrete products which are being used by STC thought the kingdom.
Aber-Alriyadh is supplying the fallowing products for the STC projects throughout the kingdom of Saudi Arabia

1-Manhole Type-A
2-Manhole Type-B
3-Manhole Type-C
4-Mini-Manhole Standard
5-Mini-Manholes-FTTH Project
6-Mini-Manhole-FTTH Window
7- Handholes Two Cover standard
8-Handhole Two Cover FTTH Project
9-Handhole Two Cover FTTH window

10- Handholes One Cover standard
11-Handhole One Cover FTTH Project
12-Handhole One Cover FTTH window
13-FDT cabinet base Type-1
14-FDT cabinet base Type-2
15-FDT cabinet base Type-3
16-Marker post
17-MSAN-Huwae Base
18-MSAN-Astran Base